Starting a Home Business? 7 Steps to Ensure Success for Web Enrepreneurs-To-Be

Whether you want to start a Home Business to make a part-time income or to replace your
full time job, there are some steps you will need to take to make the process easier. Of course,
you can leave these steps out, but you will find it much harder to focus and will be easily distracted
from your goals.

The Internet is now a huge marketplace for any business. More and more people use the Internet everyday
to purchase anything from clothes to cars, and you CAN cash in on this phenomenon. Even if you have virtually
no experience of Internet Marketing you can literally start up an Online Home Business overnight.

Here are 7 simple steps you should take to ensure that you start the best home business to suit your lifestyle:

1. Set your Home Business Goals.

It is essential to set goals and objectives and then design strategies for attaining them. This will be your Business Plan.

  • Some questions you should ask yourself:
  • Why do I want to start up an Online Home Business?
  • What product or service can I provide?
  • Do I have the expertise to provide this service?
  • Do I know enough about the competetion?
  • Where will my customers come from?
  • What do I have that people are searching for?
  • Take the time to write down your questions and answers and thoroughly research your chosen market.

    2. Identify your Internet Business Market.

    Use search engines such as Google and Overture to find out where you customers will come from. Look for sites selling
    similar items and forums related to your product or service.

    3. Choose a Domain Name that reflects your Internet Business.

    This is an important step as your Domain Name will be used to identify the type of business you run. Try to come up with a name
    that reflects your business – e.g.if your business is selling widgets you should try to include the term “widget” in your domain name.
    The ideal name for this example would be “” but you could also use names like “” or “”.

    4. Find a good Web Host and build a simple but professional website.

    You can use free hosting if you are really strapped for cash, but this is not a good idea. There are a number of Webhosting Companies
    that offer very good services for only a few dollars a month.

    5. Create your Unique Selling Point (UPS).

    Make your customers think you are an expert on the product or service you are providing. If you offer expert opinion, your customers
    will feel more secure buying from yur website.

    6. Market your new website on the Internet.

    Here are some ways you can market your Internet Business. These are not the only ways to get traffic to your site, but they are the most
    popular. When it comes to advertising your website, get creative!

  • Search Engines
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Forum Postings
  • Viral Marketing
  • Affiliate Programs
  • 7. Track your sales and visitors.

    Tracking your sales and visitors allows you to analyse your promotion methods. You can decide which methods are working well for you and
    which you need to improve on.

    If you follow these smple steps you will have the basis for a Home Business on the Internet that could provide you with extra income if you
    just want to work part time – or with full-time income if you want to quit your job and work at home. One last word of advice…..donĀ“t give up
    your job until you are sure your Home Business can provide for you and your family!

    Widget Marketing-Can Widgets Benefit B2B Sites

    There has been a lot of “buzz” about widgets and widget marketing recently as creative online marketers have discovered the use of widgets. Widgets are simply pieces of embeddable code that can be found on one site, and embedded in another that can be used to promote your own site or blog. Widgets have become popular with users of online communities as a result the business of marketing via widgets is a great way for site owners (including B2B sites) to promote their content and business.

    Widget marketing is starting to catch on in the online marketing world. Today there was a great post by Nick Wilson over at Search Engine Land on link baiting for 2007. According to Nick, a major component of link baiting in 2007 will be “widget baiting”. Widget marketing has been discussed in a number of blogs over recent months. In fact, back in November, Top Rank Blog had posted a great interview with Lawrence Coburn on Marketing with Widgets. Coburn is one of the pioneers in widget marketing

    How Can Widgets Help B2B Sites?

    Simply put, widgets are all about providing your users with the tools to promote your B2B business or any business/online property for that matter. For B2B marketers, widgets offer the potential to be a means of acquiring new customers at a minimal cost, promotion of your site’s presence out to the rest of the Web, and can provide a traffic source to help build your external link inventory.

    Widgets are a great way for promoting your site and your content. For B2B sites, which are looking to create streaming media channels (combining audio, video, photos, text, and RSS feeds etc) and broadcast them live across their site’s pages or blog, widgets can help accomplish this. Sites like splashcast specialize in just that.

    As I result we have compiled a list of our favorite widgets and widget related sites:

    Top 10 Favorite Widget Sites for B2B Search Marketing

    My Blog Log



    Reuters Widget

    Spring Widgets

    Word Press Widgets

    Poll Daddy

    Business Week Widget

    My Blog Log is currently my personal favorite as it is very user friendly and is home to a number of interesting and diverse blogs

    Honorable Mentions


    Google Gadget Tryouts


    Looking for more information on Widgets? Check out the following resources:


    While widget baiting can be time consuming, the results can be tremendous. Can widgets benefit B2B sites? Most definitely providing that you have a strategy for widget marketing, widgets can help B2B site owners promote their sites, their solutions and their brand.

    Digital Clock Widget for Android

    Digital Clock Widget, a stylish desktop digital time and date widget designed for Android phone users, telling you the time and date on your home screen. One of the main reasons that make me install this gadget is that it is an easy-to use and stable gadget that rarely goes wrong. It does what a time tool should do, if you are just looking for a tool to display the time and date for you in a simple way, you should give this app a chance to shown on your home screen.


    In addition to the function of showing time, there are other customized options. You may choose a 12- or 24-hour clock and whether to show AM/PM or not by a light press of buttons. Plus, you can select different text colors of both time and date and choose one from five different date formatting types. At first, I don’t quite understand why developers develop such kind of software as there is already time-showing function of phone itself until I install Digital Clock Widget. Now I do like this time gadget because it does bring me a lot of convenience. I could check out what date it is today anytime by a press on my home screen after installing this desktop tool, saving the trouble of turning on the calendar in my phone. One of the functions I like best is that you can choose one app you would like to access in a quick way by pressing on the clock, including music, alarm, browser. For me, I set it brings me music. The last good point I would like to say is that you are allowed to pick up the time and date of one city you stay. If you frequently change from countries between countries, it saves you the trouble for adjusting different time zone.

    Room for improvement

    Even though it is totally OK for me, there is still room for it to improve. The text colors of both time and date can be changed, but the background color of itself cannot be changed, besides, only one clock model available. It would be a better app if these may be improved.


    Generally speaking, Digital Clock Widget is a good time tool, not only handily displaying time and date for you, but also enables you to have some customized options to gives you a personalized and good Digital Clock.