MLM Home Business Tips – Should You Approach Your Warm Market?

To approach your warm market, or not to approach your warm market – THAT is the MLM home business question!

Before we get to answering the question, let’s look at it from a different perspective…

Suppose you have a full-time, 9-5 job that you’ve been working for the last 5-20 years. It pays the bills (most of them) and gives you somewhat of a sense of security and you’re used to the routine of it all – you’re comfortable… but still you want more…

Then, one day out of nowhere, it comes to you – this INCREDIBLE idea for a new “widget” that will change people’s lives! More importantly, it will change YOUR life with all the money you could make as thousands and thousands of them are purchased every month. Finally you’ll be able to buy your dream home, your dream car, go on exotic vacations, travel, live life according to your desires, not your bosses… This is your shot at success, your ship is about to come in, it’s your turn to cash in!

…So where do you start? You start doing research on the internet, making contacts and networking during your lunch breaks and after work trying to figure out all the details of how you’re going to create and manufacture the actual widget, where you’re going to store them once they’re produced and how you’re going to ship them…

You’ve got it all figured out and now you have the prototype of this incredible new widget that no one has ever come up with before. You’re totally psyched about it and how it’s going to change your life. You’ve spent your life savings and maxed out all your credit cards to design, produce and setup all the systems necessary to get this new widget out to the market because you believe in it, you know what it can do for people and you know the potential is there…

But here’s the only problem. No one knows about your widget yet, you don’t necessarily have any prior experience with widgets, your funds are real low and no one really knows you (you’re not a celebrity, or rich and famous – that part hasn’t become reality yet). Unfortunately you realize, the widget – as incredible and wonderful as it is – will not sell itself. How are you now going to market it and get it out there?

Keeping it secret and not telling anyone about it is surely not going to work. You have to get the word out. So what should you do? You’ve got to think like a business. First of all, take inventory of your resources – make a resources list. What resources do you have at your disposal that you can utilize to get the word out about your widget so people can start buying them?

Well, you spent all the money you had (and didn’t have) to get INTO business for yourself. You might be able to go further into debt and put everything on the line and really live on the edge… But maybe there’s a better idea – what other resources do you have at your disposal?

Then it hits you… The most effective form of advertising is word of mouth. You can start talking to people about your business and share your enthusiasm, belief and vision. You remember how many times your friends have told you about a good movie or good restaurant and you went and checked it out, spending the money simply because of their recommendation – and most of the time that was without even doing any other research. You trusted them at least enough to follow their recommendation.

You then come to realize that you have a whole network of people who already know you, and to some degree like and trust you – at least enough to listen to what you have to say about this incredible, new widget and opportunity you have.

If nothing else, it’s a free form of advertising to help you begin spreading the word while accumulating testimonials from people who try out your widget to help increase your 3rd party “social proof” which you will need when you start talking to people who don’t know you at all. This will help you create a reputation, establish a foundation for you to build from so others can see that hey, this widget IS great! People will see that if this widget worked for Bob and Sue and Phil and Tom as it was supposed to… why shouldn’t they receive similar benefits?

You utilize your resource list (also known as YOUR WARM MARKET) to help you get your business started.

Is that all you should do?

Should you rely SOLELY on your warm market to make your goals and dreams for your MLM home business (or any business) come true?

Well I don’t know how many “widgets” your warm market can purchase but my suggestion is to never rely on only one method for building a business, you need to diversify and implement between 3 and 5 marketing methods at all times in case the market changes (as it does) and for other fluctuations and changes that occur. But by all means it is a valuable resource that every business owner and networker should access for the reasons above and because you never know where your market may lead you, you never know who them know, and so on.

What you definitely do NOT want to do though is hassle and hound your warm market. It’s not necessary, that is the wrong way to approach your warm market in building your MLM home business. Treat your business with the same seriousness as the widget business described above. Don’t portray your MLM home business as some inexpensive, fly-by-night get-rich-quick scheme that you got into yesterday that you’re hoping to get lucky with.

Treat your MLM home business as if you had paid millions of dollars to get it setup and running like the founder of your company had to do before you ever would have an opportunity to make any money. Treat this business like a million dollar McDonald’s franchise because the MLM home business model (like McDonald’s) is already proven.

The only thing unproven is YOU and your ability to be coachable and follow the proven system that has created hundreds and thousands of millionaires in this industry already.

Do you have what it takes to be successful? Are you committed to making it, to becoming successful, no matter what? Or are you just testing the waters with only one foot in? You choose. Choose either that you’re going to make it or you might as well quit and find something else that you can believe in (being in business for yourself is not cut out for everyone, nor is it easy – but it’s definitely worth it).

So, should you approach your warm market to build your MLM home business? Only you can answer that question…

Android Widget Development – Top 4 Must-Have Android Widgets

Widgets may not be as popular as apps, but they can be very handy. Widgets are not too different from apps, actually. They are like small portable apps that live on your phone. The Android widgets appear as small units on your mobile screen, and you can start and open the application (or connect to parent application) by clicking on the widget. What sets Android OS apart from iPhone OS is its ability to support widgets on the home screen.

Android widget development concentrates on making it faster and easier for the user to access her favorite apps or websites. Android Widget development is not as extensive a field as apps development, but a number of medium and large businesses opt for Android apps to cement their place in the minds of Android OS users. The best and biggest sites always provide a widget, or even multiple widget focusing on their diverse offerings.

The best part of custom Android widget development is that the widgets on your Android device display all the relevant information on the screen, and you do not have to open the app except for when you need to access additional details. The following are some of the best widgets; they are a must-have for any Android user.


This widget makes the life of music lovers a lot easier. Using Pandora, you can create several customized radio stations. You can indulge in several types of music to your heart’s content, and discover new artists at the same time. Once you install the app on your Android device, you will never be too far from your favorite bands.


Arguably, Evernote is the king of all note-taking apps. It is one of the few note-taking apps that come with a widget. The widget makes it very easy for you to manage existing notes and create new notes. If you are the kind of person who needs to take notes frequently, you will thank Android widget development for this app.

3G Watchdog

This app is made for people like me. If you tend to overshoot your ‘Unlimited Bandwidth’ data plans, this widget will let you watch your bandwidth usage like hawk. Most ‘unlimited’ plans come with a 5GB cap, and this app will track your usage and let you know how much it’s going to cost you.

Power Control

Smartphones batteries are notorious for their short life. Power Control is another very useful app to come out of custom Android widget development. This app lets you save power by messing around with a number of settings. Allows you to adjust brightness, sync your mobile online and even lock the orientation of your device.

Home Based Business – Getting Your Name Out

The best widgets in the world will never sell if no one knows that they exist. And many times, the worst widgets in the world make millions only because they are marketed so well. Now, you have a widget. Congratulations! How are you going to get your name out?

Good marketing starts with a plan. In my early days of online marketing, i thought there was some Holy Grail. Some secret method or software that would get me in front of millions of hungry buyers who would be scarfing up my widgets faster than I could make them. My only problem would be trying to keep up with demand. (Dare to dream!) Little did I realize that my online business was going to actually require real work. After all, the gurus I subscribed to were always getting pictures from exotic locations, or were cruising around in their fancy expensive cars, or standing in front of beautiful homes. It didn’t look like they ever worked to me!

Of course, in the beginning, I didn’t know anything about Photoshop either.

To make a very long story short, it wasn’t until I met my mentor that I realized what online marketing was really all about. He laid out for me a plan that made sense, required time and effort, and actually produced results. Of course, I had to take it on faith from him since it was 30 days before I ever saw any real income from the marketing plan, but once it was up and running, I knew I could apply it to any item I wanted to sell, whether it was a physical widget or an eBook or a course,or an informational program.

The secret is planning your work, and working your plan. I realize that is an old saw, but it is the most basic means of success if you are going to move ahead in any sphere. Especially if you are running your own business. Remember, your competition may have dozens of employees to leverage their efforts. In your business, it’s just you. So leverage at every opportunity. Nowhere is this more important than in marketing.

As a solo-preneur, you likely have a relatively small budget compared to your competition. That puts you at a distinct disadvantage for starting out. However, your small budget can be leveraged to bury your competition. And in business, that’s what you have to do.

So market relentlessly. Never give up. Stay focused. Write articles every day. Post on craigslist every day. Post free classifieds every day. Place e-zine ads every day (they will cost you a little). But with just a regular game plan, you can methodically get your name in front of your buyers, establish yourself as an expert in your field and really ramp up your business.