Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses Steps to Going Live – Step 8 Opt-in on Your Website

List building is an essential part of making money for home based internet marketing businesses. No matter what your niche is, you have got to have a list, right? Well, to build a list you have to have a way for people to subscribe to your list. That is what an opt-in form is all about. Getting an opt-in form on your website is pretty simple if you follow my instructions.

To make it super easy, I suggest you set up your website using WordPress. Their blog format is incredibly easy to set up and the search engines love it, so it is a great choice. In addition, you will have needed to design your opt-in form. That is an easy thing to do too, by using your autoresponder system.

Once you have your website built-and it doesn’t have to be beautiful or fancy, better to have it simple and done than fancy and not-and your opt-in form code in hand, then you are ready to marry the two together and start building your list.

You are going to go to the back office of your blog and put the code in place so your opt-in form appears on your blog.

Important tip: If you are copying the code directly from your autoresponder system, like NijaResponder or Aweber, be sure to copy it and paste it into a text or notepad type document. Do not paste it into a word processing document because they can mess up the code!

Login to the back office and on the left hand side, click on Appearance. You will have several options, choose the Widgets link. There are lots of widgets you can choose to add. Any that you choose to add will appear on the right hand side of your page.

Scroll down until you find the widget called “Text” and click Add. This is the one that we are going to use to put in the opt-in box code. I suggest you have the Text icon at the top of the widgets list. If you have other widgets already in your side bar you can just click and drag the Text bar to the top.

To add the opt-in form code click Edit in the Text widget bar and it will open up a box. Paste the code in the large box. There is a smaller box just above the larger box which is for the header.

Go ahead and write something in the header box that tells people why they should sign up-the purpose of the opt-in box.

If you are giving people a free report for example you might have a header that says simply “Sign up to receive a valuable report on XYZ”. You want to give people a reason to opt-in so you can communicate with them in the future.

Click Done and then be sure to click on Save Changes or you will lose what you just did.

That is all there is to adding the opt-in form to your website! Check out your website and see how it looks. Your potential customers will now see the opt-in form and be able to subscribe to your list. So now your home based internet marketing businesses are ready to start making money because you are building your list!