Keep in Touch With the HTC Explorer Using the People Widget

Keep in touch with the HTC Explorer using the People widget that comes as part of the Sense user experience implemented through the power of the Android operating system respectively. The lightweight and compact handset which features a full touch display measuring 3.2 inches offers many features such as this widget for social networking and communicating with friends.

This is one of many widgets that can be downloaded from the Android Market and added to your handset. Widgets, are like mini applications, which can be placed on your home screen, any or all of the seven provided by this phone that is. Some widgets include messages, emails and the weather, while this widget lets you instantly communicate with contacts from a single tap of the touch display. This feature is also present on other handsets such as the HTC Rhyme.

Through this respective function on the Explorer, you can call, send a text message or email a favourite contact who appear automatically within the widget. If someone is not there, tap the plus sign onscreen to add a new contact to your favourites. Once you have set your favourite contact, you can finger tap their photo on the widget to set a default action. This is the action which will be performed when you select them using People. You can choose from viewing, calling any one of their numbers saved, sending a text message or emailing any of multiple email addresses input. Additionally, the feature offers a group icon which enables you to select multiple favourite contacts and message all of them, in just a few taps of your finger.

If you have a lot of favourites within the widget, you can drag it to the edit space which will allow you to rearrange which of your contacts appear first, so you can make sure the people you contact the most are always the fastest for you to get in touch with. As well as all of this, you can also add multiple copies of this feature, and set multiple groups on each of your home screens, maximising how you communicate.

With impressive features such as this along with the other social networking integration and functionality through its hardware such as the 3 megapixel main camera, the HTC Explorer is a great asset to carry around with you. Features such as this along with the many full applications enable you to do much more and faster from wherever you are.