Top Real Estate Website Widgets

 If you are a real estate agent that has their own website, then you will want the top real estate website widgets. There are thousands of great widgets that are being designed on a daily basis and are uploaded to such sites as WidgetBox, Facebook, and Google to name a few. You can easily find the widgets that you want through these and other places as well. The top real estate website widgets can be debated, but we found quite a few for real estate websites. Let’s take a further look at some of the widgets.

Trulia Widgets is a great website widget as it associated itself with properties that are for sale. Trulia is now the quickest growing site that realty professionals and agents are using. It allows agents to use tools at their disposal, to amplify their online personas, stay in contact with clients no matter where they are located. These widgets and such are ideal for allowing you to stay connected in ways that we only once dreamed of. The net is truly amazing and is proving its ability to help aid us in personal and business ways alike.
Zillow widgets are used for home appraisals and such and you can use them for free. Zillow widgets let you add informative content to a real estate site and keep them up to date and tweaked without breaking the bank. There are so many widgets that are being offered now days, the only problem you will probably have, will be choosing which ones to use. Also Eppraisal widgets are helpful with appraisals as well and are a top used widget website for real estate professionals as well.

You can find many top widgets that will help you and your visitors that visit your website as well. Widgets that are loan calculators, widgets that list your properties and showcase your listings, and much, much more. If you can think of it, then there is probably a widget for it. Map widgets and local area widgets are also ideal for your  website as well. Do not let all the widgets confuse and dazzle you with all their abilities. Choose only the widgets that provides great functionality and allow for others to find, focus and center in on what they came to your website for in the first place, realty information.

What’s on Your Blog? Widgetize That Sidebar For Fun and (Maybe) Profit

Regardless of the number of social media fads destined to launch and fold in the next decade, one thing remains clear: the blog will likely never go away. Once a popular platform for angst-filled personal journal entries and detailed political commentary not accessible in the traditional media, blogs are fast becoming the traditional media – they are cited as sources by television news networks, have been known to break stories, and provide readers with the ability to easily share information. It’s amazing to think twenty years ago one had to read a newspaper or watch for a special bulletin to be informed – these days it seems we hear about news before it happens, and blog are instrumental in bringing information to us in a timely manner.

That said, if blogging factors into your online marketing strategy, you want readers to get the most of the experience. While a percentage of your following may aggregate your posts through an RSS reader on their Google or Yahoo start-up pages, some likely prefer to read on-site. Looking at some of the more popular news and entertainment blogs, you’re certain to find advertising, supporting links, and widgets displaying related social profiles – these are helpful in that they present a well-rounded profile of the blog, and encourage readers to subscribe via alternative outlets. Visitors to blogs may come and go, but one who clicks to follow the blogger via Twitter or Facebook becomes an opt-in capture, one who may be interested in contact for future products and services.

So if you’re blog sidebar is naked – doesn’t matter if you use Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, or another CMS – it’s seriously time to consider dressing it up. If somebody is aware of your blog and reading it, they should know where else they can find you. Here are just a few widgetized goodies to use to brighten up one of your Internet homes.

AddThis Button: You blog needs to go viral in order for it to improve your business and income. A reader enjoys an article, and needs encouragement to share it with friends. The AddThis button is the one-stop shop for data sharing. Hover over the button to share an article with as many as 225 social media profiles, everything from AIM to YouMob. Even if you don’t have 200+ separate accounts for all these sites, somebody else might. Give them the opportunity to advertise for you.

FriendFeed Widget: If you don’t have a FriendFeed account, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to collect your blogs and social profiles together in one place. One person may not be interested in visiting your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel in the same day, but with FriendFeed they can. Adding a join box on your sidebar lets people know about this great catchall service.

Twitter Widget: I hear two schools of thought on adding a Twitter widget, particularly if your blog feeds into your Twitter account. On one hand, why display a widget that basically repeats information there? On the other, a blog reader will catch from this widget other posts you make, and in turn can catch up on blog links he/she may have missed. Even if you do integrate your RSS into Twitter, it’s handy to have this widget up, and perhaps an additional one that tracks the tweets of like-minded accounts.

Facebook Badge: Facebook allows you to create different styles of badges for widgets. A “Join Us” badge may offer rudimentary information on your fan page, or a scrolling widget may preview posts and information featured there. Determine which would work best (if you don’t have many fans to start with, try a style that doesn’t highlight that fact) and get it up there.

Digg Widget: Perhaps one of the best known of the data sharing social sites, Digg allows users to determine a story’s popularity by having them “dig” URLs toward the top of the search heap, or else “bury” links so they are not found. If you have a Digg account, more than likely you intend to submit your own blog posts to the site, but as a prolific Digg user you to need to share the wealth. This Digg widget lets readers know what articles and videos interest you the most.

Flickr Widget: Keep your photos in one place, particularly where they can integrate into other social networks and sites. Yahoo’s Flickr photo sharing site gives you the advantage of placing slideshows and photo grids on your sidebar, so visitors can peripherally glance at your albums while reading.

AdSense: If you enjoy a large enough fanbase, why not take advantage of it and try to make a bit of money to support hosting, and perhaps pizza? Save some room on the sidebar for AdSense ads and earn some cash for every click-through. Bloggers users have the advantage of a built-in AdSense option, provided the content of your blog permits it.

The more information you provide in one place, the more likely you are to have visitors follow you wherever you go.

Discover the 3 Most Profitable Work at Home Internet Business Ideas

Most of those who have been working online from home for a very long time would tell you that they love their job; they’re their own boss and get to work whenever and however they want. They would also tell you that you have no idea of the value of having no one breathing down your neck, constantly harassing you for a deadline that you were already going to meet in the first place. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. In fact a work at home internet business is quite plausible, and can in fact be lucrative.

Now, I’m assuming that as you read this article, you have already decided that you want to travel down this path, shedding away the labours of offline work and going on board the information superhighway to make a living for yourself. This article will help you choose the best work at home business ideas. Now I have chosen three of the best which I feel will yield the most profit to labour ratio.

Business Idea No. 1: Online Options

The question here is simplicity and basics. Online trading is one of the most lucrative work at home business solutions there is on the internet. I will focus here on the trading of widgets, which has boomed of late. Widgets are sort of the digital commodities trade, as they can go up or down in value as time progresses. A good and simple example is if I decide now to contractually purchase in December a widget/product on the internet for a modest sum of $30 and suddenly as that month comes along, its price goes through the roof to $50. Immediately I purchase the product for $30 and sell it for its market rate, automatically making a profit. By taking the long position, I was able to instantly, with just a few clicks of the mouse, make a $20 profit on the product. Now, imagine if you speculate on many products or multiple widgets at a time, and thus you have the potential to make huge profits.

Business Idea No. 2: Online Focus Groups

Offline focus groups are tedious, time consuming and they force you to go to locations and sit in uncomfortable rooms to be questioned. Now companies are doing this online, paying up to and even over $150 an hour for you just to sit at your desktop and give your opinions. Register yourself at various online focus group collectives and start the ball rolling straight away. It will take some time, but once you are ensconced as a valued opinion giver, you will be making some serious money from home.

Business Idea No. 3: Creating a Blog

Blogs now are a huge phenomena, with more companies realising their power as a marketing and online advertising tool. Companies have gone so far to either ‘create’ or pay good bloggers good money to continuously post on blogs, review products and provide links back to their home page. It is all about viral and affiliate marketing online, and blogs are gaining popularity in the whole marketing leverage. Earn as much as $50 – $75 an hour posting on blogs.

It is that easy and these are 3 Most Profitable Work At Home Internet Business Ideas I can think of right now as they have been doing extremely well for me. There may be others, and I advise you to do some research into the matter.